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Paper: The Galactic Double-Neutron-Star Merger Rate: Most Current Estimates
Volume: 328, Binary Radio Pulsars
Page: 83
Authors: Kim, C.; Kalogera, V.; Lorimer, D.R.; Ihm, M.; Belczynski, K.
Abstract: We summarize our results on the Galactic merger rate of double neutron stars (DNS) in view of the recent discovery of PSR J0737−3039. We also present previously unpublished results for the global probability distribution of merger rate values that incorporate the presently known systematics from the radio pulsar luminosity function. The most likely value obtained from the global distribution is only ≈ 15 Myr−1, but a re-analysis of the current pulsar sample and radio luminosities is needed for a reliable assessment of the best fitting distribution. Finally, we use our theoretical understanding of DNS formation to calculate a possible upper limit on the DNS merger rate from current Type Ib/c supernova rate estimates.
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