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Paper: Jupiter Gravity Assist Trajectories to Objects in the Kuiper Belt
Volume: 107, Completing the Inventory of the Solar System
Page: 259
Authors: Bender, D. F.
Abstract: It is supposed that a study of objects in the Kuiper belt at about 40 AU from the Sun is desired with spacecraft that fly by them. This paper suggests that almost any target in the belt can be encountered once every 12 years on a Jupiter gravity assist trajectory requiring a C3 of about 100 (km/s)$^2$, a flight time of 11-15 years, and a Jupiter flyby radius of not less than 5.0 Jupiter radii. The technique consists in showing that at every Jupiter opportunity about thirty degrees of longitude in the belt can be covered by varying the Jupiter flyby conditions. Sample trajectories to all the presently known Kuiper objects as well as to Pluto are thus tabulated for the interval 2005 to 2017.
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