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Paper: Infrared Observations of Distant Asteroids
Volume: 107, Completing the Inventory of the Solar System
Page: 97
Authors: Davies, J. K.; Tholen, D. J.; Ballantyne, D. R.
Abstract: We present new infrared spectra of the unusual minor planet 5145 Pholus which shows a featureless J band spectrum and does not confirm the 1.72$\mu$m feature weakly detected by Luu, Jewitt and Cloutis (1994). Revised VJHK colours of Pholus from 1992 are presented which confirm the extreme redness of the visual-IR colours. A new detection of 5145 Pholus at 20$\mu$m is combined with earlier data and suggests that the diameter of the object is 185 $\pm$ 16 km. JHK photometry of 1993HA$_2$, and an upper limit for the J magnitude of 1993FW, is presented and the VJHK colours of all three objects are discussed.
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