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Paper: Data Distribution and Ph.D. Publication via the World Wide Web
Volume: 101, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems V
Page: 585
Authors: Strom, Karen M.
Abstract: Doctoral theses are a storehouse of data and information, much of which is never published in professional journals. The Ph.D. theses from the Five College--University of Massachusetts Astronomy Department are now available over the World Wide Web. The tabular data are presented in HTML tables, easily saved as ASCII files for the use of the reader. Individual chapters and figures are available as Postscript, as well as HTML and GIFs. These theses may be read at Other data, such as spectra, will be available as FITS files. Tabular data which have been published in journals over the past several years have been converted to HTML and are now available on the World Wide Web at \htmladdnormallink{}{http://www-}. Much of this data originates in the papers available in our on-line preprints at \htmladdnormallink{}{http:/ /}. However, we also collected other data tables from previous papers where the data were still available on disk and have made these available as well. Further data will be added as it becomes available.
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