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Paper: The NCSA Astronomy Digital Image Library
Volume: 101, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems V
Page: 581
Authors: Plante, Raymond L.; Crutcher, Richard M.; Sharpe, Randall K.
Abstract: We announce the opening of the NCSA Astronomy Digital Image Library (URL = The mission of the Library is to collect fully processed astronomical images in FITS format and make them available to the research community and the general public via the World Wide Web. Users may search the Library's contents, browse preview images, and download the full FITS images. All items contained in the Library may either be accessed via the HTML interface or through unique URNs. The latter method allows for easy linking to Library items from other databases or hypertext documents on the Web. The Library is expected to provide many benefits not only to users retrieving information but also to authors who add to the images in the Library's collection.
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