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Paper: Various Access Methods to the Abstracts in the Astrophysics Data System
Volume: 101, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems V
Page: 569
Authors: Eichhorn, G.; Accomazzi, A.; Grant, C. S.; Kurtz, M. J.; Murray, S. S.
Abstract: The Astrophysics Data System Abstract Service contains currently over 750,000 abstracts. They are normally accessed through a World Wide Web forms interface in which the user specifies the search criteria. This form allows control of all the options in the Abstract Service search engine. The abstracts are in 3 databases (astronomy, space instrumentation, and physics/geophysics). There are three other retrieval methods which provide direct access to the abstracts. One is the direct access through a cgi script. This allows links to abstracts in our system to be placed in any WWW document. Similar access is provided for the full articles in the ADS. The document designer needs to just specify a code for an abstract. This code can be generated automatically from the reference information. A verification utility for such automatically generated codes is available. The abstracts can also be accessed through a set of Perl functions. This provides the opportunity for other systems to retrieve abstracts on the fly and integrate them into other documents. Finally, access to our system is available through an e-mail interface. This access can be used to automatically query our database on a regular basis and retrieve any new references for a particular query.
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