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Paper: The CADC/ST-ECF Archives of HST Data: Less is More
Volume: 101, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems V
Page: 505
Authors: Crabtree, Dennis R.; Durand, Daniel; Gaudet, Severin; Hill, Norman; Pirenne, Beno\^It
Abstract: The CADC and ST-ECF maintain copies of the HST archive in coordination with the STScI. We are continually exploring ways in which to make the archive a more powerful scientific tool for researchers (previous examples include: the science table, preview images, and a prototype Web interface). We also seek out innovative, cost-effective methods for accessing the HST archive. We have developed a new approach to the HST archive which not only makes it more useful scientifically, but also uses new technologies to provide more cost-effective service to our users. The CADC and ST-ECF now supports on-line access to the HST archive through a CD-ROM jukebox. In addition, we also support on-the-fly reprocessing of HST data when it is requested from the archive. This ensures that archival researchers can obtain data calibrated with the latest software and reference files. Performing on-the-fly recalibration allows to keep only the raw data on-line and we further subset this by only selecting data for the science targets. Finally, the raw data is compressed using gzip before being written to CD-ROM. Taken together the complete set of public HST data, i.e., data obtained until November 1994, fits on approximately 31 CDs! This paper will describe overall architecture of the archive including the Web access, maintenance of data on CD-ROM, maintenance of the reference data and details of the recalibration pipeline. Possible extensions for the future will also be discussed.
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