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Paper: An On-Line Database of APS POSS Images
Volume: 101, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems V
Page: 501
Authors: Cornuelle, C. S.; Aldering, G.; Sourov, A.; Thurmes, P.; Humphreys, R. M.
Abstract: We are making available our digitized images from the APS scans of the red and blue first-epoch Palomar Observatory Sky Survey (POSS I) photographic plates, forming an on-line image database. Image requests are through the APS homepage at URL and are initially limited in field width and sky region. To create this database, images from each scanned POSS I plate are processed into a set of coordinate-referenced index and pixel files. Database management software then refers to each object's pixels within a requested sky region by plate, by sub-plate, and finally by each scanned image. These images are then assembled into a mosaic FITS format file, whose header contains astrometric and photometric information. While the current APS Catalog of the POSS I includes only matched images, the image database will include images above 25 mu m in diameter. Thus for a given sky region, users have access to both the object (star and galaxy) catalog data and to the actual pixel data. This project is sponsored by NASA ADP contract NAS5-32670.
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