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Paper: Options for Improving Retrieval Performance of the Hubble Data Archive
Volume: 101, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems V
Page: 497
Authors: Comeau, T.
Abstract: The Hubble Data Archive is the repository for both HST data and much of the Ground System products which are used to obtain that data. As the Hubble Data Archive team prepares to support two high-data-volume instruments (STIS and NICMOS), we are seeking ways to improve retrieval performance. Options include HSM, caching, and reorganization of ingest to physically group logically related data. Analysis of current retrieval behavior shows that less than one quarter of archived datasets are ever retrieved, and less than one tenth are retrieved more than once, which argues against a cache. However, some classes of data for certain proposal types are repeatedly requested, and internal users differ greatly from external users. A separate cache strategy for each group, along with changes to place related data on the same optical platters, should improve performance.
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