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Paper: The Science Archive for the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Volume: 101, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems V
Page: 493
Authors: Brunner, R. J.; Csabai, I.; Szalay, A.; Connolly, A. J.; Szokoly, G. P.; Ramaiyer, K.
Abstract: The Sloan Digital Sky Survey {} is a photometric and spectroscopic survey designed to digitally map the North Galactic Cap (pi steradians or 10,000 \ deg(2) ) over a period of five years. The photometric imaging will be done in five broad bands (u(') , g(') , r(') , i(') , & z(') ), to a limiting magnitude of g(') ~ 23. From the photometric catalog, a sample of ~ 10(6) galaxies (complete to r(') ~ 18) and ~ 10(5) quasars (g(') ~ 19) will be observed using two multi-fiber double spectrographs. The entire dataset produced during the course of the survey will be tens of terabytes in size, with the photometric catalog alone occupying several hundred gigabytes. In addition to being an enormously large dataset, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Science Archive {} will be complex, containing several hundred million objects in five colors, with measured attributes, and associated spectral and calibration data. Some objects will be observed multiple times due to the survey geometry, for quality control, or potential variability studies. As a result of the large and complex nature of this data, we have decided to employ a distributed object oriented archival system that utilizes a geometric indexing scheme to provide a rapid query and analysis interface to the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Science Archive.
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