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Paper: A High Capacity Object Oriented Mission Scheduling System for XTE
Volume: 101, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems V
Page: 463
Authors: Johnson, E.; Antunes, A.
Abstract: Mission scheduling is traditionally one of the most difficult problems in operations. We developed an OOD (Object Oriented Design) to solve this problem for XTE (X-Ray Timing Explorer), a mission launching in Winter 1995. The Long Term Scheduler (LTS) system produces schedules for one year at a resolution of 1 week, accounting for over 2500 individual pointings. In parallel to this, the Short-Term Scheduler (STS) produces detailed event lists with minute accuracy for each given week, requiring less than 4 hours to generate a complete weekly timeline. This rapid turn-around time allows for quick creation during TOOs as well as providing support for alternate targets. Because of the design, the time-line generation also produces the commands to implement the schedule.
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