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Paper: Remote Observing and Automatic FTP on Kitt Peak
Volume: 101, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems V
Page: 432
Authors: Seaman, Rob; Bohannan, Bruce
Abstract: As part of KPNO's Internet-based observing services we experimented with the publically available audio, video and whiteboard MBONE clients (vat, nv, wb and others) in both point-to-point and multicast modes. While bandwidth is always a constraint on the Internet, it is less of a constraint to operations than many might think. These experiments were part of two new Internet-based observing services offered to KPNO observers beginning with the Fall 1995 semester: a remote observing station and an automatic FTP data queue. The remote observing station seeks to duplicate the KPNO IRAF/ICE observing environment on a workstation at the observer's home institution. The automatic FTP queue is intended to support those observing programs that require quick transport of data back to the home institution, for instance, for near real time reductions to aid in observing tactics. We also discuss the early operational results of these services.
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