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Paper: Superfast Photometry with MANIA Complex
Volume: 101, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems V
Page: 428
Authors: Shvartsman, V. F.; Bernstein, I. N.; Beskin, G. M.; Komarova, V. N.; Neizvestny, S. I.; Plokhotnichenko, V. L.; Popova, M. Yu.; Zhuravkov, A. V.
Abstract: We present a hard/software MANIA complex for carrying out superfast photometry. A new type of ``time-code'' converter ``Quantochron'' allows us to measure arrival times of photons registered by a photodetector with time resolutions up to 20 nsec in 2(16) channels (space, colors, polarization, etc.) simultaneously. Special software was developed to investigate variability on a time scale of 2times 10(-8) - 10(3) sec by statistical analysis of the time interval distribution between detected photons and ``classical'' light curves. The results of some observations are presented.
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