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Paper: Wide Area Synchronization to the 10ms Level
Volume: 101, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems V
Page: 420
Authors: Moran, John; Keleti, Steven; Hsieh, Paul F.
Abstract: We present methods developed for the time base synchronization of detectors to be used during the calibration of AXAF mirrors. According to laboratory mock-ups, overall synchronization to the 10 millisecond level will be achieved at the quarter-mile long MSFC X-ray Calibration Facility. The time base for our system is provided by an IRIG-B signal and overall control and data transport is provided by TCP/IP on the facility ethernet. Individual detectors are controlled by MSDOS computers, with overall coordination performed by Sun workstations. We shall present protocols and algorithms for overall time base synchronization as well as for error detection and recovery. Significant design effort has been made to provide a system robust enough for three-shift operation across all anticipated network conditions without operator intervention.
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