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Paper: Quicklook IRAF Scripts for Data Acquisition Management
Volume: 101, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems V
Page: 416
Authors: Merrill, K. M.
Abstract: I have prototyped ``quick-look'' interactive software to facilitate data acquisition at the telescope and acquisition based decision-making, exploiting IRAF and the SunOS to provide automated displays of ``quick-processed'' infrared data as it is taken. A robust set of such tools amplifies observing time by enabling observing decisions to be made \it in situ. Prompt assessment of the quality of the data being acquired (whether the data are acceptable and sufficient or whether more of the same/ancillary observations are needed or even whether a different type of observing protocol is required) are requisite to meaningful efficient observations. I briefly describe the software functionality for direct imaging, spectral imaging, real-time shift and add, and ``point and click'' target acquisition based on prior images of the field.
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