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Paper: Connection Between the SUBARU Data Analysis System and the Observation Control System
Volume: 101, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems V
Page: 404
Authors: Kosugi, George; Mizumoto, Yoshihiko; Sasaki, Toshiyuki; Noumaru, Junichi; Chikada, Yoshihiro; Takata, Tadafumi; Ishihara, Yasuhide; Kawai, Jun; Kidou, Akihiko
Abstract: The SUBARU software systems are now being designed. In order to put dynamical observation scheduling into practice, the data analysis system will be planning to perform on-line quality estimation of the acquired data. The result is fed back to the control system for the dynamical scheduling through the logger sub-system. The method of the quality estimation will be described in each observation command.
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