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Paper: Remote Observations in the Near Infrared
Volume: 101, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems V
Page: 392
Authors: Gavryusev, V.; Baffa, C.; Giani, E.
Abstract: We present our experiences in remote observations in Near Infrared bands operating a bidimensional instrument ARNICA. ARNICA, an infrared CCD detector operating at a telescope (TIRGO, Gornergrat, Switzerland) was controlled by an observer from Firenze, Italy. Despite the rather slow Internet link available, we were able to perform the observations in quite an acceptable way. The user interface process (a widget based X11 client) was executed locally on a Sun workstation. All processes responsible for hardware support (initialization of devices and their dynamic control and data acquisition itself) were executed remotely under DESQview/X on a PC dedicated to the control of ARNICA. The traffic was reduced to a minimum due to the truly distributed software used. In normal conditions this is just an exchange of short primitives which describe the task to be performed and of informative messages. There is also the possibility of a continuous display of the obtained images, with flexible control of display parameters.
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