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Paper: The Design of the Gemini Observatory Control System
Volume: 101, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems V
Page: 347
Authors: Gillies, Kim; Walker, Shane
Abstract: The Gemini Telescopes are being designed from the ground up to use the newest technologies to produce the highest quality science data their sites can provide. Like the hardware, the software systems that control the instruments, telescope, and subsystems must also be capable, adaptable, and sophisticated. At the highest level, the software that will be used by Gemini's astronomers must be as flexible as the underlying Gemini hardware. When the telescopes go on-line, the available observing time will be split evenly between classical interactive observing and various planned observing modes. It is the responsibility of the Observatory Control System (OCS) to provide astronomers and operations staff with a visible user interface that actively supports and enhances the process of observing in all observing modes. The OCS must also provide the software infrastructure that ensures that the system hardware components cooperate to produce science data that matches the requests of the observers. The Gemini OCS is reaching the end of its design phase. This paper will present an overview of the OCS focusing on the issues and development challenges of the software project. We present and discuss the important parts of the OCS design and show how the design provides an open, flexible, progressive observing environment that is matched to the observing process.
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