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Paper: PC-IRAF: The Choice of a GNU Generation
Volume: 101, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems V
Page: 322
Authors: Tody, Doug; Fitzpatrick, Michael
Abstract: The modern personal computer (PC) provides a computing platform comparable to a single user workstation, but for a fraction of the cost and often with more power or features. A variety of high quality free or low cost UNIX/X11 systems plus a wealth of other free software is available for PCs. These transform the PC into a powerful environment for running large astronomical software systems such as IRAF. In porting IRAF to a variety of PC UNIX operating systems much has been learned about both the benefits and drawbacks of the PC as a host for IRAF data analysis. We compare and contrast several different UNIX implementations available for the PC, and compare these to workstation systems. Hardware configuration is also discussed.
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