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Paper: Perl as an Astronomer-Friendly Language---the pgperl Experience
Volume: 101, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems V
Page: 307
Authors: Glazebrook, Karl
Abstract: Interest has focused in the last year on the use of high level `glue' languages from outside the community for astronomical applications. The canonical example is the popular \TCL\ language developed by Dr. John Ousterhout (Ousterhout 1994). This has become widely popular both because of its well-documented C interface and because it comes with a simple GUI library called \Tk. However \TCL\ has some very severe deficiencies as a language, especially for systems embodying a large amount of code. A newer alternative is the use of Larry Wall's \perl\ which, arguably, solves most of these problems. I describe my experiences in interfacing a popular astronomical library to perl, the PGPLOT graphics library, previously only usable from compiled languages such as FORTRAN. This provides a ready-made alternative to MONGO, and is known as pgperl. {}
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