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Paper: GNOMES: A Case History
Volume: 101, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems V
Page: 297
Authors: Young, W. K.
Abstract: The Generalized Nrao Observe, Multi-telescope Experiment Scheduler (GNOMES) project was started in 1991 when the NRAO decided it needed a new generation of software to schedule the VLBA radio telescope coming on-line in 1993. The scheduling software was to be easy-to-use, portable, and not only address scheduling and planning needs of the VLBA but also, of VLBI (Mark III & IV) and VLA observations. We decided to follow the lead of AIPS++ and adopt object-oriented design and programming techniques, C++ and an X-window interface. After almost four years and 54,000+ lines of C++ code we have had some successes: Can schedule the VLBA, Learned a lot about object-oriented design and programming, X11, C++ and VLBI scheduling, and some failures: Picked the wrong X-window toolkit, Started programming way too early in C++, and Never really appreciated the scope of the project. We expect to move the functionality of the GNOMES prototype into AIPS++. We believe the lessons learned from making the prototype to pay dividends in the migration into the AIPS++ environment.
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