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Paper: The Netherlands SAX Data Center
Volume: 101, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems V
Page: 240
Authors: Jager, R.; Heise, J.; Savenije, M. H. F.; Schuurmans, J. J.; de Vries, C. P.; Wiersma, G. J.
Abstract: SAX is an Italian-Dutch X-ray satellite to be launched in April 1996. Onboard will be six scientific instruments of which the two Wide Field Cameras (WFC) were developed and built by the Space Research Organization Netherlands (SRON). The WFCs have a Field of View of 40 degrees and operate in the energy range of 1.8 to 30 keV. The Netherlands SAX Data Center has been setup at SRON Utrecht to facilitate archiving and analysis of (part of) the SAX data and in particular all data from the WFCs.
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