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Paper: New AIPS Task FRMAP for Mapping the Spectral Line Radio Sources
Volume: 101, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems V
Page: 175
Authors: Kogan, L.
Abstract: A multiple-point fringe rate mapping method has been implemented in the new task FRMAP installed in the NRAO Astronomical Image Processing System (AIPS). The task can be applied to a wide range of baselines, time intervals, and frequency channels. A new algorithm for fringe rate estimation has been developed. This algorithm's accuracy is limited by the quality of data. It eliminates the erroneous peaks in the fringe rate spectrum seen in some frequencies due to lack of data at some time intervals. In the mapping algorithm the search window is divided into many small rectangles. The rectangles crossed by the number of lines that exceeded the given threshold are selected as a source candidate. For visual inspection the fringe rate's straight lines are also plotted.
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