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Paper: The ASC Fitting Environment
Volume: 101, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems V
Page: 155
Authors: Doe, S.; Conroy, M.; McDowell, J.
Abstract: Fitting models to data will be a crucial part of both the calibration of the AXAF instruments and the scientific analysis of AXAF data. The ASC Fitting Environment will provide a suite of fitting tools for the analysis of AXAF and AXAF-related data. The environment will incorporate and/or support current software packages (e.g., PROS, XSPEC) that provide tasks for fitting physical models to astrophysical data. In addition, the ASC Fitting Environment will offer a selection of techniques for searching parameter space (e.g., simple grid search, simplex downhill, Monte Carlo, and Powell methods), a number of fit statistics for evaluating goodness of fit (e.g., chi (2) and Cash statistics), and a variety of physical, analytical, and instrument specific models. The ASC Fitting Environment will make use of the ASC Data Model; this will allow the code to handle data in a variety of formats (e.g., FITS, QPOE), and to more easily perform fits to ``stacks'' of data files. In this paper, we present the requirements of the ASC Fitting Environment, as well as a high-level design of the environment.
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