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Paper: A Reexamination of the `UV Leak' of the High Resolution Imager on ROSAT
Volume: 101, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems V
Page: 120
Authors: Silverman, J. D.; Kearns, K.; Harris, D. E.
Abstract: The `UV Leak' is apparent in observations of Vega which produce an HRI count rate of 0.1 cts/sec whereas a much lower rate is found by the PSPC. This discrepancy led Arp (1995) to interpret extended features adjacent to NGC 1097 (on a `soft' map) as evidence for extragalactic UV emission. We show that the majority of Arp's features are caused by a detector characteristic which produces a slightly higher noise level for PHA 1--3 in a region where the gain is lower, i.e., a higher fraction of background photons produce counts in the lower PHA channels for detector regions with lower gain.
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