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Paper: Implementation of an Optical Prescription Retrieval Code Using PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine) in a Mixed Architecture Network
Volume: 101, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems V
Page: 100
Authors: Mo, J.; Romelfanger, F.; Hanisch, R. J.; Redding, D.; Sirlin, S.; Boden, A.
Abstract: The PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine) concurrent computing system allows applications programs to utilize UNIX workstations on a network as a single, concurrent computational resource. We are using PVM at STScI with Sun workstations running SunOS 4.1.3, Solaris 2.3, and Solaris 2.5, including multi-processors. A parallel computing application for Hubble optical prescription retrieval has been developed at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and configured for use at STScI. We describe our experience in installing and configuring PVM and show performance comparisons between the PVM and non-PVM versions of the application.
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