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Paper: MATADOR: Software for the Manipulation of 3D Data
Volume: 101, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems V
Page: 76
Authors: Gavryusev, V.; Munoz-Tunon, C.
Abstract: The evaluation of 3D data-cubes obtained by bidimensional spectroscopy is not a very simple task due to the huge amount of data that they contain. A typical data-cube could be 256x256 pixels in the spatial plane and 100 frames in the spectral direction. We present a powerful software package, MATADOR, which can easily handle this kind of data. MATADOR is written on IDL but it is not necessary for the user to have any knowledge of this language. MATADOR offers to the user a widget based interface, and any task is performed by simple manipulation of the mouse. The program is basically interactive, although some time/memory consuming operations can be executed as independent sub-tasks. The available tools can visualize an image at any desired wavelength interval and analyze the spectrum for any selected region on the image. The spectrum can, on the spot, be fitted by the combination of the background and several Gaussian or Lorentzians. The asymmetry parameters of emission-lines can also be studied. Different possibilities exist for manipulating two-dimensional images, such as masking, contouring and combining options. There are also tools for investigating the velocity distribution and the structure function of any chosen area. On-line help and a flexible hard-copy option are available, too. IDL is a registered trademark of Research Systems, Inc.
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