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Paper: Stellar Photometry with CCD Sub-Pixel Sensitivity Variations
Volume: 101, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems V
Page: 29
Authors: Penny, A. J.; Leese, R.
Abstract: The variation of sensitivity within a pixel of a CCD can be substantial and also substantially the same for each pixel of the CCD. Variations of the order of 10%, now being found for CCDs, can lead to errors in stellar photometry on the order of a few percent, dependent on the size of the stellar image and the position of its center within the pixel. An enhanced version of Starman, a profile fitting stellar photometry package, has been used to analyze the effect of such variations. When the seeing drops below one pixel FWHM, photometry errors can rise to the 1--5 percent levels, depending on the nature of the sub-pixel variations. By using suitable software which allows for the sub-pixel pattern, the measuring errors can be reduced to the millimag level.
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