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Paper: Software Demands Imposed By H_0 Studies
Volume: 101, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems V
Page: 3
Authors: Jacoby, G. H.
Abstract: Attempts to measure the Hubble Constant (H_0) began in the 1920's, and continue today, 70 years later. Obviously, progress was made in those first 3--4 decades without the benefit of computers. It has become evident during the past 10 years, though, that efforts to measure H_0 accurately require highly evolved instruments/telescopes, observing procedures, and reduction and analysis tools. Stressful demands are being placed on computer software in each of these areas. We now realize that an accurate ( ~ 10%) ``answer'' is unknowable without computers because the methods rely heavily on statistical analyses of large data sets and models of the underlying physical systems. This paper reviews the status of the H_0 quest in terms of the software needed to further many of the primary distance determination techniques.
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