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Paper: MACSQIID: A package for the reduction of data from the SQIID Infrared Camera
Volume: 77, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IV
Page: 492
Authors: MacKenty, J. W.
Abstract: The SQIID camera was developed at NOAO's Kitt Peak National Observatory to provide multi-band infrared imaging. It is well suited for galaxy surface photometry as it has a uniform, stable flat field and a large field of view. We have developed a software package to facilitate the reduction of data from this instrument for this purpose. This package is appropriate for use with observations where the telescope is moved a small fraction of the field of view between exposures. This package uses the stability of the camera to construct flat field calibrations over several nights. The flat field and image summation algorithms avoid the use of the median and instead rely upon a combination of source detection in the J+H+K summed frames, sigma clipping, and iteration. The sky illumination pattern is determined from the residuals between observations of different targets on the sky.
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