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Paper: Spectroscopic reduction and analysis programs at the DAO
Volume: 77, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IV
Page: 443
Authors: Hill, G.
Abstract: In this paper I outline the \fortran programs available at the DAO to process and synthesize spectra, loosely described under the generic name REDUCE. The viewpoint is that of a research scientist who develops and uses his own software, and who writes collaboratively for colleagues. Much of the software has been available on the DAO's VAX machines since the early 80s and is slowly being converted to SUNs, although recent developments involve the use of DEC Alphas. The rationale behind the various reduction and analytic software is outlined, as well as the way the programs are controlled, e.g., menu, questions and answers, keywords and values, or the cursor. Some particularly useful tools are mentioned, such as, interpolation, optimization, and error analysis.
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