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Paper: The ASC Pipeline: Concept to Prototype
Volume: 77, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IV
Page: 422
Authors: Mistry, A.; Plummer, David; Zacher, Robert
Abstract: Discusses the role of a pipeline in the AXAF Science Center Data System. Due to the complexity of the application, a prototyping effort was initiated to evaluate the risks involved with portability, open architecture, error handling/recovery, and distributed processing. Processes in the pipeline are initiated and monitored by a process control application developed using Perl. Currently, the process control application can attach IRAF, IDL, shell scripts, and various third party executables to create a number of data processing flows. An example process flow involves the acquisition of raw telemetry data from a data simulator to an image file. An error logging library was also developed to form the foundation for handling both minor and fatal errors.
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