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Paper: Restoration of HST WFPC2 Images in Gyro-Hold Mode
Volume: 77, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IV
Page: 301
Authors: Mo, J.; Hanisch, R. J.
Abstract: In gyro-hold tracking mode, HST is stabilized only with its gyros, and the Fine Guidance Sensors are not used to maintain pointing. With gyro drift rates of order 0\farcs 002 per second of time, a WFPC 2 Planetary Camera image with a typical exposure time of 100 s can be blurred by as much as five pixels. Image restoration techniques developed for use on aberrated HST images have been adapted for use to remove this motion blur. Experiments have been done on WFPC 2 images of NGC 330 and NGC 422 (having exposure times of 80 and 100 s in gyro-hold mode) with complete success.
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