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Paper: Storing and Distributing GONG Data
Volume: 77, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IV
Page: 185
Authors: Trueblood, M.; Erdwurm, W.; Pintar, J. A.
Abstract: The Global Oscillation Network Group (GONG) helioseismology observing network will consist of six instruments deployed worldwide to provide nearly continuous observations of the Sun beginning in 1995. Data reduction is performed on a network of high-performance UNIX workstations to process the data and store them on Exabyte 8-mm cartridges. The single observed object (the Sun) and other constraints imposed by the nature of the project permitted developing a more robust and less expensive DSDS than is possible for open-ended general institutional support systems performing similar functions. For example, the data product file catalog was compressed by a factor of over 160 to a series of bitmaps that permit the DSDS to provide good query response to several simultaneous users on a workstation. UNIX interprocess communication and networking were used to develop a mirrored database between two DSDS workstations, providing a high level of DSDS availability to support data reduction pipeline operations.
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