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Paper: A Portable GUI Development System---The IRAF Widget Server
Volume: 77, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IV
Page: 89
Authors: Tody, D.
Abstract: We describe a new GUI (Graphics User Interface) development environment which extends the X window system and the X Toolkit (Xt) with a high-level, object-oriented, interpreted programming language. This approach will allow GUIs written using standard Xt-based widget sets to be constructed without requiring any window system programming on the part of the programmer. The architecture of the resulting program completely separates the GUI from the applications code, allowing the GUI to be developed separately and replaced at will without modifying the application. Despite the separation of the GUI from the application the two are tightly integrated using an asynchronous, event-driven messaging system based on requests and client events, with the remote client application appearing as just another class of object within the GUI\@. This approach maximizes window system and toolkit independence and is well suited to distributed applications, allowing the GUI and client application to be run easily on separate processors or computers.
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