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Paper: Distributed Software for Observations in the Near Infrared
Volume: 77, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IV
Page: 25
Authors: Gavryusev, V.; Baffa, C.; Giani, E.
Abstract: We have developed an integrated system that performs astronomical observations in Near Infrared bands operating two-dimensional instruments at the Italian National Infrared Facility's \htmllink{ARNICA}{ instr/arnica/arnica.html} and \htmllink{LONGSP}{ instr/longsp/longsp.html}. This software consists of several communicating processes, generally executed across a network, as well as on a single computer. The user interface is organized as widget-based X11 client. The interprocess communication is provided by sockets and uses TCP/IP. The processes denoted for control of hardware (telescope and other instruments) should be executed currently on a PC dedicated for this task under DESQview/X, while all other components (user interface, tools for the data analysis, etc.) can also work under UNIX\@. The hardware independent part of software is based on the Athena Widget Set and is compiled by GNU C to provide maximum portability.
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